LaRue brought the Greek beauty brand’s founder, Lena Korres, to the forefront of its media strategy in tandem with an aggressive product push.


Korres is a coveted Greek beauty brand with a 25+ year legacy rooted in ancient traditions.

LaRue catapulted Korres and its founder to the forefront of the US and Canadian beauty industries, positioning the Greek brand as a power player and leader in clean beauty and securing top tier placements for its products, its founder and the brand as a whole.

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Our Strategy

LaRue pursued an aggressive strategy across product, founder, business, and brand to put Korres and its founder Lena Korres at the forefront of the media conversation at every touchpoint possible. Building off of numerous launches across markets, LaRue successfully drove top-tier product coverage that multiplied brand awareness.

Our Multi-Pronged Approach

Product Seeding

LaRue focused on continuously and consistently seeding products to top-tier publications.

Thought Leadership

We created newsworthiness and buzz around Korres’s founder Lena, positioning her as an expert in the clean beauty, wellness, and leadership spaces.

IRL Engagement

We took advantage of the brand's NYC store opening to increase awareness and buzz.

Our Results

In the past year, LaRue has secured over 100 billion impressions, seeded dozens of beauty and lifestyle editors, and executed a virtual Zoom event for the brand’s most important product launch of 2022, which garnered major press coverage and consumer attention.

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Some kind words

The La Rue team has helped our brand transform its media footprint exponentially since they were onboarded. In just the last year, we have seen top tier mentions across print, digital, and television, spreading awareness in mediums we couldn’t have imagined previously. Not only that, but the team is an absolute delight to work with; they are flexible to change, proactive, and enthusiastic in promoting our wide range of products. It has been—and continues to be—a pleasure to work with them.

Sara Zucker, Director of Social Media + PR at Korres