LaRue has secured over 42 billion media impressions across all categories of media for lifestyle brand since 2017, as well as doubled affiliate revenue and site traffic.

Founded in 2008, is an iconic lifestyle brand, responsible for coining phrases like “Not Without My Coffee” and “No Bad Days” on its planners, drinkware, apparel, jewelry, décor and more.

In 2017, brought on LaRue to increase brand awareness, drive sales, and make a household name. With dozens of launches and partnerships to promote, LaRue executed a media strategy built on product and brand press that catapulted into the spotlight. In 2021, LaRue was handed the keys to a lopsided, largely unmanaged affiliate program, which we successfully revived and scaled.

Success by the numbers


increase in revenue through affiliate channel compared with previous year


increase in onsite orders YoY


the number of sale-active affiliate partners


increase in affiliate conversions


impressions secured since 2017

Our Strategy

LaRue’s strategy began with migrating’s mature but bottom-funnel-focused affiliate program to a better-fit network, while cleaning up and scaling back those bottom-of-funnel partners. We implemented a dynamic commissioning and attribution strategy that rewarded affiliates based on traffic value and position in the clickstream. Then we leveraged increased CPAs to negotiate top-of-funnel placements. Meanwhile, we engaged early and often with new partners, encouraging immediate activation.

Our Multi-Pronged Approach

Top-Tier Media Targeting

LaRue identifies best-in-class media for standalone product features and sales stories to highlight and its wide array of products.

Consistent and Strategic Positioning

LaRue successfully messages that is a one-stop-shop for giftables, and as the destination for cool, indie products.

Our Results

Since 2017, LaRue has secured over 42 billion media impressions across all categories of media for while scaling the brand’s various affiliate channels, driving growth and revenue for the brand. In 2022, LaRue onboarded and activated twice the number of affiliates from the previous year, leading to 367% revenue growth, 373% increase in conversion, and a 293% increase in orders year over year.

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